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"The median age for marriage has gone up over the years. For central Ohioans who fall within that group and happen to be "looking," The Dispatch explored a sampling of less- conventional dating services being offered (and tried) these days.For those who have been out of the market for a while, the examples provide a sense of what they're missing - for better or worse.Within the six-minute window, participants fill out "match sheets" to indicate whether they're interested in the other person.

Speed dating appeals to some people because the process is relatively inexpensive, involves no face-to-face rejection and allows participants to meet at least several people in a brief time.Speed dating Upon showing up at a speed-dating event in October 2010 as a favor to the organizer, neither Nick Minto nor Emily Yantis was expecting much. "I think we crossed paths a lot and didn't realize it," said Yantis, 31."I don't think that, without speed dating, we would have ever really met each other." The couple, who married on Nov."We are in the business of helping people create relationships," said Cobey-Piper, who has been married for 18 years and worked as a dating coach for nine."If you really want to find someone amazing who you can be happy with and build a life with, you've come to the right place." Hardesty, a professional matchmaker for 20-plus years, is soft-spoken but can be persistent in matching clients, sometimes poking and prodding them to go on dates until they agree.

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