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make your way to usr/local and you should see firefox rename that to firefox.old, then copy the firefox you downloaded from the site and unzipped to that location.make sure you install the gtk or else it won't work.a pic- if you prefer a file manager with icons install rox. But you've got to add super user mode on your own or launch from terminal sudo rox or run program sudo rox.

Support for multi-table updates will be implemented in the near future.Visit run a speedtest on your network to determine if it meets the minimum requirements.If the results show that your upload speed is below 1 Mbps or if your ping is above 180 ms, your network may not be able support Canary Flex.Note: After activating your Canary make sure to set your router's protection back to its previous settings.In the event you still are unable to setup your device, please open a ticket with Canary support.

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Firewalls are a router feature designed to prevent unauthorized access to your network, but they may interrupt the setup process.

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