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Halle Hammond, a senior English major, said that when the university fails to warn students they are becoming part of the problem.“The university has a responsibility to student safety, so it not only should warn students, but it should do so promptly and clearly,” she said.

“Otherwise, the university’s complicity contributes to a greater culture of sexual assault.”Still, how the university chooses to alert students is up for debate.

Every time a rape happens on the University of Georgia’s campus, the next day a new report appears on UGAPD’s online daily log.

This is business as usual for the University of Georgia.

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Sally Sheppard, the executive director of The Cottage, an Athens sexual assault center and children’s advocacy center, also said that not all reported rapes should result in a timely warning.

Instead, Sheppard divided rapes into two categories: “stranger” and “acquaintance” rape and said that a stranger rape is the only instace where a timely warning is warranted.“We need to remember that most rapes that happen on campus are acquaintance rapes,” said Sheppard, who added that these rapes are much more difficult to prevent and that the public would not likely benefit from a public service announcement in these instances.

For some, posting updates on UGAPD’s daily log is enough, while others wish that a mass email, known as a “timely warning,” could be sent to students.

Walton Bray, a graduate student in the School of Public Health, said he worries that sending out a timely warning every time rape is reported could contribute to unnecessary panic from the community because he said few reported rapes are confirmed or result in arrest.“I think there would be value in UGA informing students of incidents that have occurred on campus but only after details have been at least somewhat verified so that we don’t risk spreading misinformation,” Bray said.

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Specifically the act requires schools to send timely warnings to the school community when there are known risks to public safety on campus.

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