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Realising they were short-handed, the head of operations asked if I could help take the girls, accompanied by a policewoman, back to the station. We bundled the girls in the back seat of an unmarked police car and headed for the station. I cannot say I was surprised by their responses: Parents are divorced; family has financial problems; mother works long shifts; the only adult at home is a frail grandmother; no one cares if they go to school or not; these men provide them the money and attention they crave etc.

It was during the 20-minute ride that I managed to have a chat with these girls aged, if I remember correctly around 15 and 16 years. At one point the policewoman looked to me and said judging from the girls’ answers, it seemed that some of the guys they arrested are going to have an added charge of statutory rape.

Still, to use the word 'dicabuli' is quite harsh, don't you think so? I rarely use this excuse, but y'all sound jealous as fuck. it might have been a bit careless on their part, but the fans didn't reject them or anything like that so you can't just blame the boys.

"SEE ALSO: Check out B1A4's performance on 'Open Concert'! ; I am a Muslim and I see that B1A4 aren't the ones that should be blamed. not saying you can put the blame on the fans, but i don't really see how some people think of this as "molesting" hey guys this hug right there is very sinful in islam, it is the equivalent in the western world, an example would be she was bukkaked on by 6 midgets followed by a golden shower of all the members.

Recently, The Rakyat Post and other Malaysian media outlets picked up on a viral video of B1A4 members hugging and doing fan service in the form of skin ship with Malay girls, who were garbed in tudung.

The resurrection of the debate about teenage sex following reports of a 14-year-old girl in Malacca who had multiple partners reminds me of one night in 1997.We followed the police on an operation to nab a Mat Rempit motorcycle theft syndicate.A chase led the cops to a house in Selayang and over 20 motorcycles, some illegally modified to be used in races and others suspected stolen.Whether one likes it or not, the Reproductive and Social Health Education (PEERS) syllabus which the government said will be updated needs to be less Sunday school and more Saturday night fever.Moral education need to be complemented by realism – that some kids will break the taboo.

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