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Yes, we know he's emotionally arrested and he has some commitment phobias, but look at her! Everyone gives Tony all this grief for being an overgrown frat boy. This has been going on so long, I was just wondering if there are any inside jokes about these moments when you're filming? I think it's clear that he has very strong feelings about and for her, but he also knows what the boundaries are and what the rules are. It feels like we have a job that we do; it just so happens that we're investigating crimes.

Second of all, she's a ninja assassin with all sorts of issues. It doesn't really impact me too much, but I find it highly amusing. I have always enjoyed the push-and-pull and the tension of Tony and Ziva. It seems like maybe crime procedurals are well-suited to these ongoing, sexual tension–heavy relationships — I'm also thinking of Bones — because there's not that much continuity in the action of each episode, so to have continuity in the relationships that really doesn't change works. Sometimes it feels like we're doing West Wing meets Scrubs."There are many names being discussed," he said in April. He is also dad to 17-year-old August Manning, his son with his ex-wife, actress Amelia Heinle.Michael Weatherly has played Special Agent Tony Di Nozzo for 10 seasons on NCIS, and since Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) showed up on the NCIS scene in season three, the sexual tension has been in constant fluctuation.I think people who watch the show who enjoy their Mark Harmon and liberal doses of the other characters might find it somewhat irritating that these two are cutting a rug, so to speak, in "Berlin." Sharing some longing looks, bedroom-eyes.I think that's probably disconcerting to some fans of the show, and other fans probably think it's long overdue, and yet others are probably thinking it spells the absolute doom, the moonlighting death.

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