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I was told someone would review my account and the phone call and get back with me.A month later I get an email saying I owed the same balance as I did before I started to program.Just remember, When trying to establish, maintain credit. The longer you keep, pay on time every month, it gets reported to credit bureau.The older your The card itself had some nice perks with coupons and discounts but I have had the card for about two years with a whopping 300 CLI that never increased even when I asked so I closed it. I have other cards with much higher limits and it really wasn't worth keeping.So, I call Kohl's and the first person I spoke with gave me a sob story of how people have been calling out of work, so they were really behind on processing payments and claims.So, then she proceeded to tell me that my claim was reviewed and they denied it (thank you for notifying me like you said you would). Supervisor gets on the phone tells me the same thing, that the claim had been reviewed and I agreed to a payment date that was agreed upon by me for a Wednesday (let me remind I was looking at a calendar while scheduling these automatic payment to come out of my account all on Friday's, why you ask because Fridays are when I get paid).

For more information, check out our guide on paying credit card bills: .

Multiple payments have been removed, even cancelled ones and when you contact them about the issue their response is, sorry you will have to contact your bank. First, the site is ALWAYS down to pay your bill online.

All of my payments to Kohl's have been on time for three years. So, you get the incoveniece of either paying over the phone (which they charge you a fee for) OR you have to go into the store to pay (which is super inconvenient).

This is the second time it happened and I am cancelling my card right away.

Not to mentioned that the late fees is apart from your I got a great deal on clearance sale discounts at the store when I signed up, and they offer numerous coupons and special deals. After I got the first bill, I began to create an online account. They force you to agree to receiving emails, texts, AND auto-dialer messages on your phone, with NO option to prevent all this (except for nonaffiliate marketing and to share about your "creditworthiness", which they are required by law to offer; they pushed to the absolute limit of what the law allows them to do, rather than respecting your privacy voluntarily).

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I will NEVER buy another thing from their store, and my charge card with them is cut up.

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