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According to her affidavit, Ragsdale, a deceased Dallas attorney, was assigned to assist with legal issues regarding her pregnancy and later claimed to be the child's father in order to shield Johnson from negative publicity.Tilson indicated that close associates of the Johnson family were not familiar with the name "Steven Mark Brown" nor was there any record of correspondence or visitation from him within the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum. Quinton Johnson is second to none, and can't be denied by anyone that sees him perform.At that point I was a basketball player transitioning into a choir kid. I remember going into the theatre thinking "Man, musicals are so boring! Dismiss degrading words and actions by saying, “he’s not that way all the time,” “she’s just insecure,” “you know I didn’t mean to hurt you,” or “but he really loves me,” and they almost always get worse over time. And even if things never escalate beyond control and verbal abuse, the consequence is still serious – a loss of freedom, respect, happiness, and even safety. You may need to raise a red flag if you see or suspect that one person in a relationship… Relationships aren’t that clear, but they do have their own consequences.It was my first regional production and it was so cool working with the devoted theatre professionals involved. If you truly want to chase a dream, cut out all reasons as to why you can't. Strive for perfection, yes, but cherish the progression. Plus, I made a lot of friends who I really connected with and having such a close connection with the cast made working on the show even better.

In 1988, she briefly appeared in investigative columnist Jack Anderson's syndicated program, American Expose: Who Murdered JFK, and said: "In the fall of 1963 I was in the Carousel Club with other advertising people, and Jack Ruby was saying that Lee Harvey Oswald had been in the club and he had been bragging that he had taken a shot at Major General Edwin Walker". Brown said that on New Year's Eve 1963, she met with Lyndon Johnson at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas, and that Johnson confirmed the conspiracy to kill Kennedy, insisting that "Texas oil and ...

The Dallas Morning News also published the allegations under the headline "Dallas Woman Claims She Was LBJ’s Lover", noting that spokespeople for Lady Bird Johnson and the Johnson family rejected the claims.

On June 18, 1987, Brown's second son, 36-year-old Steven Mark Brown, filed a .5 million lawsuit against Lady Bird Johnson in a Texas district court alleging that the former first lady and two friends of President Johnson, Jesse Kellam of Austin and Jerome T.

It is easy to get paranoid about who thinks what of you. HCTX: What has been your favorite experience or show you have been involved with?

Especially when you are seeing some of these people everyday. Sometimes the pressure to impress clouds the real reason we thespians do this. QJ: My absolute favorite show to do was "Les Miserables" at ZACH Theatre here in Austin. Masterpieces are not crafted in mere days, or weeks, or months, or even years.

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Ragsdale of Dallas, had conspired to deprive him of a share of the Johnson estate.

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