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was ultimately disappointing because she wasn’t allowed to fully reach her potential.It’s hard to get invested in a romance when a film doesn’t deliver emotional moments to bolster that romance, and love interest or no, she should have had a larger role.But while it’s rare to see a romance in the MCU that works, one of the few exceptions is the tragic love story of Captain America: The First Avenger. She has all kinds of cool tricks of the spy trade up her sleeve—including a miniature flamethrower concealed in her gloves, and other elements that seem to have found their way into The Sharon of comics eventually dies (a woman in a comic book, dying? ), and then, even later, her death is retconned with a fairly convoluted plot, and after Sharon comes back, there’s quite a bit of tension between them, but eventually, she and Steve spend a short while simply being friends and coworkers.Steve and Peggy’s doomed love affair captured so many people’s hearts that Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter was brought back as a lead in her own eponymous television show. They care deeply about each other, but also know how to push each other’s buttons, and Sharon is a master at challenging Steve’s bullheadedness and lack of self-preservation.When I saw, at the end of , this led to her almost being reduced to a narrative tool: she gets to give Steve necessary information, then disappears for the rest of the film.It might have been far more interesting to pit them against each other, at the beginning of a budding relationship: after all, Sharon saw the devastation of firsthand, and many of her colleagues were killed.We’ve definitely seen Marvel fall into that trap on multiple occasions over the course of their cinematic history.

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the idea of Steve dating a younger relative of Peggy’s bothers quite a lot of people: for many women in particular, it smacks of the misogynistic trope of a man trading in a woman for a “new model,” and some people question the power dynamic between them, when Sharon very much idolized her great aunt. Their interactions in This is a huge improvement over not just Sharon’s introduction, but also Steve’s and Sharon’s subsequent relationship—a relationship that veers into outright emotionally abusive territory in its comics life. Granted, she’s just lost a family member, but in that moment, we might have had more to make us emotionally invested in her as a person.

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