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Although these dates can get a bit pricey, having a sporty date maybe once a month is a great way to shake things up and keep in shape as well.Adventurous date for bored couples Sometimes it’s good to be pushed out of your comfort zone.Other than bars, be sure to keep an eye out for any of the impressive music festivals that are becoming increasingly popular here in Singapore.Home dates for busy couples Home dates are the simplest but possibly one of the best kinds to have.It might interest you to know that Singapore offers an abundance of cool stuff to do to that will suit any couple’s interests!Here are some of the dates you can go on in Singapore based on your couple type.

Be sure to sign up for stuff that you and your significant other can do together, like rock climbing, kayaking or yoga.

If you feel like the regular dates you go on are getting a little stale, why not shake things up by doing things you wouldn’t ordinarily do?

Do things that you haven’t done before as a couple.

If you and your significant other love to dance, why not take up a super sensual salsa workshop or a fun disco rock class?

Move together like how all those movie musical couples do and discover hidden talents that you never thought you possessed.

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