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My boyfriend's mother has the same name as my mother! The odds of "some weird connection with my boyfriend" are impossible to calculate. Post Hoc it is essentially guaranteed that there is something very unlikely. You can calculate odds of some particular phenomenon happening, after you know it is, but it's only there because you invented the phenomenon!

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Members set up a profile, upload photos and can then search through profiles to find a good match.

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There will be someone out there who feels the same way and does not want to rush the relationship. Learn how to communicate better and learn to be a good listener.

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Dismiss degrading words and actions by saying, “he’s not that way all the time,” “she’s just insecure,” “you know I didn’t mean to hurt you,” or “but he really loves me,” and they almost always get worse over time. And even if things never escalate beyond control and verbal abuse, the consequence is still serious – a loss of freedom, respect, happiness, and even safety. You may need to raise a red flag if you see or suspect that one person in a relationship…

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There will be plenty of people, ask the other person what they do for a living, where they live and other boring details.

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Like the BASIC programming language, Visual Basic was designed for an easy learning curve.

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Twitter begs to differ The Edit: Author Jo Nesbo on his dark side A former managing editor of The Malay Mail newspaper, Terence is today a media and perception management consultant.