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Validating Couples tend to have a softer approach to each other, and the overall mood is cordial and subdued. Hostile Couples All of the Four Horsemen are on display with Hostile Couples, But the Attack/Defend Groundhog Day fights are where Hostile Couples get perpetually bogged down.

Hostile Couples spend a great deal of time in criticism and defensiveness, and empathy is clearly in an ongoing short supply.

Angry women typically are uncomfortable with naked aggression and tend to prefer to go silent and dark.

In other words, validation is just showing the speaker that we can accept the validity of their logic, thoughts, wants, and needs (whether we share them or not) and that they are safe from attack or ridicule.The intent is to make people feel understood by their listeners.But in order for this to really be effective, the listener must suspend his own feelings, or point of view or even logic until the speaker has made their point.Gottman’s research reports that despite their perpetual conflict, Hostile Couples tend to remain together in an unhappy union. They squabble as a way to carve out space for themselves. They fight in front the of the kids and are married more to their misery than to each other. Hostile-Detached Couples Hostile-Detached Couples engage in trench warfare, bitterly escalating the level of negativity.Hostile-detached wives are typically inconsolable, as all aspects of trust have been eroded.

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However, in cases of younger couples with extreme Conflict-Avoidance, this style can tend to experiment with serial infidelity as a way of getting attention, sometimes with very damaging results.

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