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Read the developers instructions before complaining. Any app that uses it own camera won't work with this app. I've been longing for this solution due to the stupid Facebook concept of Camera Roll. The only downside of this app is just that I have to manually select the gallery app everytime. Updated and still works Work Guys and girls this app works still you just need kik 7.3 or lower it won't work for the new kik version so if you on Android look up kik 5.5 apk download on Google click the Android drawer website should be the first one it have all of the kik version and download or lower and it will work if you need advice kik me at Crazy4jew People are so stupid If you're looking to use this for the KIK Messenger app, you will need to download an older version (Probably v5 or v6) and it'll work then. The flip side is that it’s pretty suffocating to know that someone else is watching your every move and wants to know your every thought.

Though this is technically the policy that has always been in place in regards to any loose objects, Walt Disney World Cast Members are now being asked to specifically seek out selfie stick users in particular before they enter the queue in an effort to stem usage of these potentially dangerous items on rides as well as other attractions.So one way to create a more honest culture in your relationship is by giving your guy autonomy over his own choices—like smoking, drinking, who he talks to, and what he watches.Even if you think it’s best that he cut back or stop certain behaviors, know that telling him so is discouraging him from being honest with you.Although we’ve discussed the pros and cons of selfie stick usage at Walt Disney World before, late last night news broke that Walt Disney World has officially notified Cast Members that policies regarding to loose articles (as they pertain to selfie sticks) are going to be enforced more uniformly across Walt Disney World's parks, effective immediately.It is important to note that as of right now selfie sticks are not banned at Walt Disney World, and policies regarding other loose articles (like canes, etc.) have technically always applied to selfie sticks.

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