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Cybersecurity expert Ralph Echemendia called Wanna Cry “the biggest Ransomware attack of all time.”Experts like him have long been warning anyone who would listen about “the big one”: a ransomware attack so effective it would hobble industries across the world.Friday’s attack look to be just that, as it leverages a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows operating system previously discovered by the US’s National Security Agency.In this case, the attackers leveraged the vulnerability to infect systems and demand a ransom of between 0 and 0 in order to secure their release.

Wanna Cry has so far infected 100,000 organizations in at least 150 countries, according to cybersecurity companies who are observing its spread across the globe.Here are a couple of ways you can still nab a free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.Related: Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1 – should you upgrade?Once the tool opens, choose the ‘Upgrade this PC now’ option, as long as you’re using the tool on the PC you want to upgrade.The other option, ‘Create installation media for another PC’, will allow you to save the installation files to a USB drive so you can then use them on another computer.

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